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With diablo 3 blizzard introduces the auction house which allows players to sell unwanted items either for in game currency gold or real life money. Two versions of the auction house existed.

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One used gold earned in game while the second used real world currency.

Diablo 3 auction house. Responses to blizzard s announcement that it will shut down the diablo iii auction houses. The auction house was a feature of the pc version of diablo iii. News of the ah s shut down came as a huge surprise when revealed on september 17 2013.

These auction houses were a feature that was released in diablo iii in response to the trading of in game items on third party marketplaces and in informal transactions between players. The auction house came out of the desire to legitimize third party trading so that players would stay in the game to do their trading rather than go to third party sites and as a result reduce fraud scams spamming and the profit in hacking the game making dupes etc. The diablo 3 auction house both real money and gold shut down on march 18 2014 just days before d3v2 went live and a week before reaper of souls was released.

According to former director of diablo iii jay wilson. Diablo iii auction house comes to a close lylirra 3 18 2014 the gold and real money auction houses are now shut down in the americas. This allowed players to put items up for auction bid and buyout.

On march 18th blizzard permanently closed. According to the former director of diablo 3 jay wilson. The auction house was a new trading system introduced in diablo iii which shared many features with similar systems found in other games.

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