House Of Saddam

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Saddam frustrated step son of a sadistic peasant was the deputy of the iraqi president number two in a revolutionary regime that modernized the former british protected kingdom. Forces seize control of iraq saddam instructs most of his family to flee and prepares to hide himself.

House Of Saddam

A mini series that explores the inner workings of saddam hussein s family and his relationship with his closest advisers.

House of saddam. Miniseries 60 critics consensus. مسلسل house of saddam الموسم الأول 7 5 10. With igal naor shohreh aghdashloo makram khoury philip arditti.

House of saddam episode 1 2008. Directed by alex holmes. With igal naor shohreh aghdashloo makram khoury saïd amadis.

House of saddam is a very well cast four part mini series produced by the bbc and hbo that provides viewers with a peek into the dysfunctional mind and family dynamics of iraq s late dictator saddam hussein with a superficial overview that provides a mere glimpse into how his years in power affected those around him and the iraqi people in general. House of saddam is a 2008 drama that charted the rise and fall of saddam hussein a co production between bbc television and hbo films the series was first broadcast on bbc two in the united kingdom in four parts between 30 july and 20 august 2008. Saddam really likes samira.

When his faction of the ruling baath party opposes the president s plan for a union with neighbor syria saddam is able to. House of saddam is anchored by a commanding peformance from igal naor s but the miniseries offers shallow insight into the fallen tyrant and the. House of saddam part iv.

House of saddam part iii. Iraq is crippled by un sanctions for refusing to comply with weapons inspections. مسلسل يصور بروز ثم سقوط الرئيس العراقي صدام حسين وعائلته.

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House Of Saddam

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